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Question Mark Art

During my studies @Goddard College, 2007-2010, I discovered many art movements and questions that reflected personal and organizational views or were reflections of cultures that are making first impressions based on limited knowledge of each other’s religions, structures, environments, or cultures in general. One question, for example, is, “Who feels responsible for dealing with issues affecting more than one generation?”

"We have learned the answers, all the answers: It is the question that we do not know." Starting my Global studies @Northcentral University/National University in 2021, I discovered this quote by Archibald MacLeish, which led to the following question that cannot be answered by one person and can only be answered by successfully communicating with each other:

"Which cultural background or skill learned (possibly a skill learned from another culture) would provide a better opportunity to solve problems in global business communication?"

Color Acrylic Paintings

Echoes of Time! 2013 ~ (30 x 40)


The Answer Is Happiness...And
What Was The Question? 2011 ~ (30 x 40)


The Answer Is Happiness...And
What Was The Question? 2008 ~ (30 x 40)

Question1 (4x6)

Question2 (4x6)

Question3 (4x6)

Question4 (4x6)

Question5 (4x6)

Question6 (4x6)

Question7 (4x6)

Question8 (4x6)

Question 1 in sepia 4x4

Question 2 in sepia    4x4

Question 3 in sepia 4x4

Question 4 in sepia 4x4

Black and White Acrylic Paintings

B&W (30x40)

B&W1 (4x4)

B&W2 (4x4)

B&W3 (4x4)

B&W4 (4x4)

B&W5 (4x4)

B&W6 (4x4)


Site-specific Ephemeral Installations - Question in Nature - 2011

Question in Nature 1 2011

Question in Nature 2 2011

Question Christmas Wish?

Question Christmas Wish?

Site-specific Ephemeral Installations - Special Global Edition - 2011

My Special Edition Armageddon Installation Project was created to reflect my deepest sorrow

for losing my husband, Captain Richard (Dick) Moore, to brutal cancer. However, I still believe that love wins evil! 

Question in Nature   Armageddon 1

Question in Nature  Armageddon 2

Question in Nature  Armageddon 3

Question in Nature  Armageddon 4

Question in Nature Armageddon 5

Question in Nature Armageddon 6

Question in Nature Armageddon 7

Question in Nature Armageddon 8