Anne Rosenvald

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Anne Rosenvald Moore, MBA, MFA, BA

Interdisciplinary Artist and Educator

Fields of Interest: Historic Architecture, Cultural Landscapes, and Global Collaboration

A Detail from the Series - Historic Landmark: The Dixie Walesbilt Hotel in Lake Wales, FL 

Mixed Media, 2016

Written in Clay XI. Clay and Glaze, 2016

Sunday Morning. Clay Sculpture, 2015

Award of Excellence at "Doors & Architecture" 2015

Winter Haven City Hall Exhibit

Florida's Natural Anniversary Painting, Lake Wales, FL 2012

Orange Grove History painting Projects sponsored by Florida's Natural Growers

Artist Statement

Sound of the wind… Touch of the wilderness… View of the open sky… Purity of the spring creek… Calmness of the untouched… Sparkly light dance on the icicle… Composition from the afternoon shadows… Imaginary trace of the falling leaf… Power of the adventurous ocean… Excitement of danger… First sunbeam of morning… Mystic glow of the stormy sky… Unawareness of color…Silence of a special thought…Energy of faith… Stunning rose from a lover... Wisdom of the myth… Sadness of loss…Tears of happiness… Endless roads and the forgotten landscape… Contrast of the new and the old… Wow of the “one of a kind”… Echo of music… Connection of the present and the past… Warmth of home… Place for the beginnings and the endings… The common factor to all of these: it is my muse, my inspiration. My interpretation and translation of the world is rooted in seeing a unique view of nature, human and nonhuman, reflecting coexisting in harmony.

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Goddard College Practicum

Willow Huts at the Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, 2008

Winter Haven Centennial Calendar

 "Artist Anne Rosenvald Moore shows her rendering of the old Haven Hotel as it looked in 1925. The rendering is just one of the images in a 2011 calendar that celebrates Winter Haven's 100th anniversary as an incorporated community..." News Chief Article on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010

Artist captures historic buildings!

Winter Haven Centennial Calendar Drawings Project sponsored by the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce

Melody. Mixed Media Painting - In Memoriam 2020

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